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Concrete Pump

Crawler Concrete Pump Rei Helice Continua

The supply of the Concrete Pump by Rei Helice Continua aims to improve customer service and also allows better quality in the execution of piles during the works of foundations.

The Concrete Pump is transported along with the Continuous Flight Auger (FCA) in the same truck, lowering the cost of transportation for the customer and also avoiding possible delays which may occur if a third-party concrete pump is used on site.

The volume of the Concrete Pump is an important feature in the pile monitoring. Each Continuous Flight Auger of Rei Helice Continua comes with a concrete pump that is gauged with the Continuous Flight Auger monitoring, ensuring the foundation quality of each work performed.

As it is a crawler mounted equipment, to park the concrete pump is quite straightforward, since it does not need any authorization in restricted places. Furthermore, it is a small equipment that does not take up much space and is very easy to maneuver in and around the work site.
The concrete pump operators of Rei Helice Continua are trained and qualified to work in conjunction with the Continuous Flight Auger and also provide full support to Rei Helice Continua customers, assisting in all phases of concrete handling. In addition to this, they monitor the entire situation on the jobsite with the engineering team.



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