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Welcome to the Rei Helice Continua video channel

Through the Rei Helice Continua video channels, you will find the best services performed with the mini Continuous Flight Auger Pile Whether to build or renovate your building work with state-of-the-art technology and low transportation costs, our company offers the best services in foundations, serving throughout Brazil and also some regions of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) - Quality and economy in your building work

Watch the advantages of the mini Continuous Flight Auger with Concrete Pump. Save and gain quality in your construction works!

Rei Helice Continua – About us

Know the company Rei Helice Continua and how it is revolutionizing the foundations market based on mini piles in Brazil.

Comparison among Strauss Pile, Continuous Flight Auger and Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig

Take a look at a comparative project, involving Strauss Pile, Continuous Flight Auger and Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig and know the best result.

Drilling Monitoring

Look how the monitoring of the continuous flight auger drilling works, with online control supervised by Rei's technical team.

Concreting Monitoring

Check out how concreting monitoring works for foundations based on mini piles.

Reports - Graphical Reports

Rei Helice Continua provides graphical foundation reports with full drilling details of the work performed.

Drillings alongside to pre-existing constructions

See the best drilling solutions for highly built-up areas, smaller grounds and alongside to existing buildings.

Helice Continua - Low Cost of Mobilization

With its own modern fleet of trucks Rei achieves low mobilization costs, offering the best solution for foundations based on mini piles in Brazil.

Continuous Flight Auger Pile - Retaining Wall

In this video, learn the solution Rei offers for piles implementation with minimal spacing between existing construction buildings.

High Productivity with Continuous Flight Auger

Are you looking for higher productivity, better quality and want to finish your foundation works faster and optimize resources? Watch this video.



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