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With experience of over 20 years, Rei Helice Continua serves a vast territory in South America. Headquartered in Brazil and having logistical support bases located in various regions, the company has a highly qualified professional team, offering the best solutions for each project. Rei Helice Continua delivers great production through high performance equipment that reduces time, financial costs and environmental impacts.
Rei Helice Continua is a pioneering Brazilian company specializing in mini continuous flight auger pile (Mini CFA), with service throughout Brazil, as well as covering some areas of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its headquarters are located in the city of Mogi Mirim in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

From its beginnings to the present, Rei Helice Continua is in constant transformation and development, always seeking to offer high levels of quality to its customers, through the most advanced technological solutions, with highly qualified professionals who specialize in the field of foundations of mini continuous flight auger pile with satellite monitoring.

Rei Helice Continua assists the most varied segments of residential building, commercial, industrial and logistics infrastructure, providing services to automakers, airports, educational institutions, banks, hotels, among others.

In addition, Rei Helice Continua is recognized for its pioneering spirit and innovation, as it was the first company of mini continuous flight auger in Brazil and, as a pioneer of this modality, has extensive experience, offering highly qualified services and ideal solutions for every need of its customers.

A Rei Hélice Contínua é uma empresa brasileira, pioneira e especializada em estacas do tipo hélice contínua monitorada de pequeno porte com atendimento em todo território nacional

Rei Helice Continua equipment has large drilling capacity, high performance and production, allowing significant reductions in the financial costs of the works. It also offers customized solutions for every need and a great service coverage, with low mobilization cost.

The permanent concern with the impacts of the works on the environment makes part of the solutions that Rei Helice Continua offers, based on its environmental responsibility. It is for this reason that solutions can also be extended to sensitive areas such as urban centers and localities near hospitals, educational institutions and residential areas.

Sustainability, safety and occupational health are also part of the work philosophy of Rei Helice Continua, which constantly seeks to increase the qualification and appreciation of its employees through courses and trainings.

In 2016, as a result of the evolution of the businesses, the name Andre Lopes Helice Continua was officially replaced by the new brand "Rei Helice Continua".

The presence of the word "Rei", which means "King" in English, is a tribute dedicated to Andre Lopes, called "King" by his clients and partners. The nickname has emerged spontaneously and naturally over time, as a result of the constant attitude in offering true "Real" treatment and service excellence to its clients.



Carry out the largest number of continuous flight auger piles.

Offer maximum quality and reliability from our foundations.

Develop our company through the trust, gratitude and satisfaction of our customers, partners, employees and friends.

Act responsibly, safely and sustainably in the construction market.

Constantly seek improvements and technological innovations in our equipment.

Exceed the expectations of our customers by allowing them a pleasant experience with our services and solutions offered.


Respect for our customers, partners and employees.

Agility with responsibility.

Continuous Innovation.

Creativity and Versatility.


Environmental Sustainability.

Act correctly and responsibly.


To be a solid company, fulfilling our client's dreams of building or renovating their own home, office, industrial facilities, etc.

And to be recognized as the best option on the market in the segment of mini continuous flight auger.
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The Quality Policy is considered a fundamental part of Rei Helice Continua business. We are driven by the challenge of continuous improvements in respect to our customers and employees.
Rei Helice Continua has a Quality Policy that follows legal requirements, encouraging an environment of innovation and continuous improvement.

The company values the adoption of preventive measures that ensure safety in the building sites, also aiming to offer competitive costs to its customers, meeting the agreed deadlines with assured quality.
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"We are aware of our social role and we encourage the improvement of people's lives in the region where we operate".
Andre Lopes
Rei Helice Continua supports and encourages actions that reduce the negative impacts on the environment and the communities where it operates, respecting and valuing human capital.
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Rei Helice Continua offers solutions that minimize environmental impacts, being an ideal alternative to urban centers and locations near hospitals, educational institutions and residential areas.
For Rei Helice Continua, Environmental Sustainability is an integral part of its corporate culture. For this reason, it offers advanced technological solutions that increase productivity, reduce financial costs and especially mitigate impacts on the environment where the construction works are performed.
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Rei Helice Continua begins its international expansion, offering services in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
As a result of the evolution of the businesses, the name Andre Lopes Helice Continua was officially replaced by the new brand "Rei Helice Continua".
The company now serves the entire Brazilian territory, offering low cost of mobilization with the Mini Continuous Flight Auger pile.
A logistical support base is inaugurated in the city of Maua, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Start of own production of drill rigs in the city of Mogi Mirim, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
In addition to serving customers in the residential segment, the company begins to offer services to the industrial sector.
The story of Rei Helice Continua begins in the city of Mogi Mirim, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. At that time, it was known as Andre Lopes Helice Continua, in reference to the name of the founder of the company.

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